Buying New PC

Hi there,

I bought Cubase 7 and a new HP PC just under a month ago. The PC has some faults and HP have agreed to a full refund. I therefore am going to buy a new PC.

I have a budget of roughly £600 and would like to buy another HP.

I know I am not going to get a top of the range performance PC for less than £600, but I want to make sure that a) it’s going to run Cubase reasonably well and b) it has plenty of room to be upgraded.

I would be interested to hear opinions on the following two PCs…

I think the first one is my favourite.

It has a Intel Core i5-3330 processor and 6GB RAM. It has a Joshua motherboard that appears to be able to support an Intel Core i7 2xxx (Sandy Bridge) Quad Core processor and 16GB RAM if I want to upgrade it.

Do the above specs look good for Cubase?

Are the prospects to upgrade decent?

I use Cubase to create electronic music so I won’t ever be recording many live tracks at the same time.

Many thanks.