Buying new products from Steinberg, not receiving activation code

I know Steinberg is well known for everything from slow to no answer at all on some of their support tickets.

however, I am curious:

how long do you guys think it is reasonable to wait for an answer to your support ticket when it is about not receiving your activation code when you pay for a product?


Please, double check your spam folder, if the email didn’t end up there.

If Steinberg has actually assigned you a download code and you just haven’t received the email yet, there’s a way to access the code.

  • Log in to the Steinberg Shop here.
  • Then click Show Orders.
  • Then click the most recent “Download” link next to where it says “Delivery status”.
  • Then select “all entries” in the list at the top of the screen and click Apply. This displays all applicable download codes.

The page will look like this.


yes thank you very much, that was the solution to my problem.

BUT still, the question remains: how long to get an answer from your support ticket?

mine was pretty short and simple, yet 5 days later there is no response from Steinberg. That seems very arrogant from my point of view, showing no respect for paying customers.

and btw, why aren’t my orders easily available from the “mysteinberg” page - I could have found this information the moment I realized I wouldn’t get the usual email information.

I don’t know the standard wait time. I will say they are always swamped whenever a new release drops- and Cubase 12 has been more chaotic than usual because of the new activation scheme. Hopefully things settle down soon. Glad you’re up and running at least!