Buying Query

Hi, I would like to know can I open Midi Channels the same way as I open Audio Channels in Hypnotic Dance VSTi :question:
Just like Halion sonic se? Halion sonic se has 16 midi channels does Hypnotic Dance also have 16 midi channels :question:

At the moment I am using the Hyper Dance 30 day trial version I think it’s absolutely amazing I am looking to buy the full version but I cannot see the buying price in the Steinberg site, please tell me the price and how can I buy :question:

I also like WaveLab Elements 9, but I am still deciding whether to get this or another software for mastering? If I get Wave what benefits will it give me when using it with Cubase? Are they coordinated with each other :question:

I could not find “Hyper Dance” anywhere. Maybe you meant “Hypnotic Dance”. Purchase it directly from the link if you want.

I don’t have Wavelab but I’m pretty sure it and Cubase are not linked in any way.
(I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong)

Regards :sunglasses:

First, I would advise strongly against buying WaveLab Elements 9. I have, and it’s a useless disaster suffering from numerous serious issues:
I’ve seen several postings on YouTube with people having the same issues.

That being said, none of these issues afflicts WaveLab Elements 8. That works perfectly.

With regards to the links between WLE and Cubase. Both work dependently (with the exception of WLE9, which doesn’t work at all). However, there is a new feature in WLP9, WLE9 and CBP8.5 where audio files can be transferred directly between WaveLab and Cubase, so that one can be used as an editor for the other (sort of).

I just noticed that Steinberg has finally released demo versions of WaveLab Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9. I strongly recommend everyone to try these out before wasting any money.

Just to give a little counter weight on the scale
I’m happy with Wavelab Elements 9, I only had an issue with 32bit float files when editing in Wavelab from Cubase. But that bug was fixed pretty fast in an update, and I have had no issues at all.
The smart thing to do is as Svenne wrote try the demo, I could just be lucky or not using it that much :slight_smile:

Hi guys I have asked a couple of others questions in my post please answer those for me thanks.
I appreciate what you have told me about WaveLab Elements 9. Now I understand please my next questions,
does Hypnotic Dance also have 16 midi out channels
Actually I am not able to complete a song in a day I do it bit by bit so I have to save everything and I need to have midi track back up I am a bit worried I think that there’s no 16 midi channels in Hypnotic Dance is there any way to save my sounds?

Here’s the purchasing info for Hypnotic Dance:

As for output channels. I’ve made a quick check and I see no way to activate multiple channels in the Hypnotic Dance VST plug-in (or MIDI channel settings). And the “Activate Outputs” button in the VST Instrument rack is greyed out. So, as far as I can see, you’ll have to open multiple instances of the Hypnotic Dance plug-in.

Of cause, if you have access to HALion 5, you can open Hypnotic Dance presets in it, and have access to multiple outputs that way.