buying used UR44, some questions

  1. Cubase code - not imported
  2. Basic FX Suite - how license work ? Soft-License or eLicenser, and if he activated once can he transfer license to my dongle ?
  3. what kind of test i should ask to see the interface works ok?

As UR44 user I can answer some of the questions.

  1. As other eLicenser works, you may able to use with soft-eLicenser which is quite easy to transfer and reactivate if a computer is connected to the internet. Once you’ve copy eLicenser to the Dongle, the license no longer able to move back to eLicenser but dongle to a dongle.

  2. Latency, Phantom input tests, stabilities etc. However, UR Series have some problem with Windows 10 RS4 (1803) like driver stability.

thank you!