Buzz Roll Retriggers Playback

I have multiple buzz roll playback techniques. Some of them play back correctly, but others retrigger the sound over and over again. I’ve been troubleshooting for hours and I cannot figure out what on earth could be wrong.

The fp buzz roll plays back perfectly. The Buzz roll + fp technique seems to make it realize it shouldn’t trigger the sample over and over.

The long decrescendo roll is set up identically, but it retriggers the sample over and over when I add a buzz roll to the stem.

I’ve tried editing the percussion playing techniques in every way I can imagine, but nothing works. It’s especially frustrating because with some sounds it just works as expected right away, and with other sounds it won’t work no matter what I do.

If you can attach a minimal project that produces incorrect playback, ideally just a single instrument and one or two bars of music, then I can have a look and see if i can figure out what’s wrong. Unfortunately, from a couple of screenshots of a couple of entries in the percussion map, I can’t even really hazard a guess.