Buzzing sound when using microphone

Hi, I really hope you all may be able to help me!

I’ve been searching like mad, but everything I’ve found seems to be centred around guitar usage rather than vocals.

I bought the UR22C recording kit in December. Set it all up - everything was fine. Everything connected, sounds were great!
(also, I’m a total newbie at recording, so I hope I make some sense for you all!)

Had to neglect recording for a while so kept it all safely stored on my desk. Last week I set it all up ready to keep it as a proper studio, however. Everything had a weird buzzing feedback, like static.
Originally I could turn ‘Mix’ to DAW and I wouldn’t hear it, but then I can’t hear myself…
The ‘static’ noise was never there before, and now seems to worsen if I get closer to the microphone (hand, etc).

I bought a new XLR cable - same issue is there.
Tried a different amp jack for the headphones - no change.
I’ve moved the connections/recording box from laptop AND mic - nothing.

Everything I find seems to be about guitars or wearing headphones, but I’m trying to record vocals, and I wear the headphones during each session.

If I hit monitor in Cubase, I can hear the static louder.
I’ve tried plugging it into a different place, tried plugging my laptop into a different place.

I can’t seem to figure it out, and it’s driving me crazy now.
Is there an issue with the mic that I may need to take it apart or anything?

Any advice is very welcome. I’m going a little stir crazy now trying to figure it out, and it’s getting disheartening as I really wanted to get going on my journey into recording, but can’t get past this first hurdle.

Thank you in advance!

Which mic? Condenser or dynamic?
Can you hear the noise if you disconnect the mic?


It is the condenser microphone, and the noise starts as soon as I switch the mic on.

It gets worse if I put my hand near it, but if I adjust the mic, it changes and stops for a short few seconds then starts up again?

Thank you

Possibly a ground problem? Maybe try powering it via USB3 instead.

Perhaps try another power adapter?

Also possible you have that dreaded 60hz hum…neon beer lights at a gig would occasionally taint the club power with a hum. We all learned quickly about the need to run through a Furman power conditioner in our racks! Maybe something on your power circuit is causing it, even something within proximity to the gear can cause the hum, so remove everything (lamps, unused studio gear, amps, literally everything but the gear essential to the DAW and see what happens.

Aggravating issues for sure. Hope ya can sort it out

Hi, there!

I only have the laptop, the mic, and the recording box hooked up. I’ve tried different plug sockets, different USBs, moving the laptop away from the equipment, moving the mic to the other side of the room, but it’s still there, that’s why I worry it may be something to do with the microphone.

I actually have it all set up exactly where I had it back in January when I set it up, the only thing I have done is move the equipment to store while I was unable to use it, then set it back up.

Thank you for the help! I was curious if I could contact customer services to see if there’s anything they can suggest.

Apologies, I just realised I didn’t respond to your message when I hit ‘reply’.


It is the condenser microphone, and the noise starts as soon as I switch the mic on.

It gets worse if I put my hand near it, but if I adjust the mic, it changes and stops for a short few seconds then starts up again?

Thank you"

Can you try a different microphone? To see if the buzzing goes away.

Phantom power is turned on?
If not, try it with phantom power on (the 48V switch on the back)
Can you test a different mic cable?
What happens if you disconnect the mic?
Careful please,
turn phantom power off before disconnecting it,
turn phantom power on again
and it’s normal that you hear a “plopp” if you switch phantom power

I don’t have another mic, sadly. That’s why I’m trying to figure out what’s happened with this one.

I’ve always got the 48V switch on (I’ve not figured out a way to get the mic to turn on if the switch isn’t on, so now I’m curious if I’ve missed something…)
I bought a new XLR cable - same issue.
If I disconnect the mic it goes off. It’s literally on when the mic is on (the 48V switch).
I also have turned the 48V on and off, but that’s not made any difference.

Thank you!

You lost me a bit there, but it sounds like it’s only when the mic is plugged in, and it doesn’t matter if 48V is on or off??

Since you’ve switched cables, it’s starting to sound an awful lot like it’s the mic. Just to clarify, leave a cable plugged in, but unplug the mic from the cable, i.e., vs. unplugging the cable from the UR22C. Then, toggle the 48V switch, giving it a few seconds to stabilize in the on and off modes. Noise or not?

You might try packing the mic in a Ziplock bag along with a few of those dessicant packs (should have been 1 or 2 with the mic) for a couple of days, to see if it’s somehow gotten really damp. But, it shouldn’t be that loud, even with that. Still, worth a try, I’d think.

I’m guessing it’s the mic, but the true test would be to get another. Hoping you have some way to do this, or the mic you have is under warranty and you can just get it replaced. Can you just buy a mic on trial and return it easily if it has the same problem?


Thank you for the assistance!

I’ve contacted the store I got the equipment from, and they’ve asked me to send a recording, I used your advice here of sending one just the XLR cable but 48V on, then one with the mic - the sound is ONLY when the mic is attached.
They’re going to try and troubleshoot from their end before sending it for repair, but I have told them all that I have done so far. Fingers crossed!

I appreciate the advice :slight_smile: Unfortunately due to car repairs my music budget is non-existent for the time being, but if they can repair it that may be the best option.