BWF Metadata Date and Time

Every Pro Tools mix file I get is a Broadcast Wave file with 3 items in the metadata: Creator, Date/Time, and Reference time (from the session timeline) in the bwf chunk. Broadcast Wave appears to be the default file format in Pro Tools, and with default settings Pro Tools doesn’t like to load plain Wavelab wav files because they’re not Broadcast Wave.

The Date/Time in the Pro Tools files is always correct. The date/time in the same place in Wavelab is often not correct because it’s not set automatically. Can that be changed? As it is I have to go into the metadata settings every time I render to push the clock button to get the date and time correct. One of the id functions there sets the time correctly, but it only writes the time without the date, which I see no use for at all, and seems like a mistake.

I have a current PT system and can drag/import wav files rendered by WL into a new track without difficulty?

One of the id functions there sets the time correctly, but it only writes the time without the date

Which option are you referring to?

You’re right it can be done without issue. I think it was one of the “don’t ask again” dialogs, because Pro Tools seems pretty dedicated to Broadcast Wave, and even offers the option to convert imported .wav to Broadcast Wave in the preferences. I just thought it was strange the first time I saw it, and was using it as an example of that.

It’s the USID Auto Create selection. If you tool tip over the Auto Create it tells you it will set the time. But if you select Auto Create and then click the Clock button in Origination Date/Time, it will write only the time (not the date) in the result file. It’s an obscure thing that will probably never happen to anyone, and I don’t want to use the USID anyway because according to the tooltip if you hover over the USID, you should fill it in accurately with Country Code and Organization Code and I don’t have or want an organization code, so if I autofill all of that (which it appears you can do), the result is incorrect with wrong Country and Organization, so better left blank.

But my real request is to correct the incorrect date and time that are generated in the Origination Date/Time if you don’t go in and click the clock button every time. Pro Tools and other examples I’ve seen do this correctly automatically. Looking back (which I should have done in the first place I admit) I see exactly the same request a couple years ago:

Right. WaveLab 9.5.40 will create both date and time when you use the Auto-Create option.

Thanks PG I don’t use that option because I don’t want an incorrect USID, and don’t have an organization code, so prefer it blank, but a fix would be good.

Will the Origination Date and Time also be automatically created as in Damien’s original request,
without the need to select USID Auto-Create, which I don’t want.

That’s my main request for this thread. Auto Origination Date and Time to current time, all the time.

Sorry, for 9.5.40 I can’t add a new system to generate the date/time alone.
USID needs to be created too.
I note to add this feature in the next big update, though.

Thank you PG, that would be great. I’ve only just started needing this and I’m ok pushing the clock button for now.

All of the countries and organizations for the USID appear to be in Europe only, which makes sense I guess, but means for others it would just be random unique number and characters?