BWF Time Reference not found?

A couple of days ago I recorded some churchbells on my Roland R88 field recorder, which adds time and date references to it’s BWF’s .

Now that I need to edit these recordings in Wavelab, I’d like my time ruler to show the timecode, referenced to the time-reference in my BWF’s. So I opened my recording in Wavelab, set the ruler to “Timecode” and switched on “Set ruler’s origin to BWF reference”…But Wavelab returns with the message “This audio file doesn’t contain BWF meta-data”…while my meta-data clearly show a time reference…

I’ve included a screenshot to make thing clear.

I wonder what I’m doing wrong?
Any help much appreciated!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I can’t reproduce a problem here.
Could you please me send one of your file (short file in a PM)?