"By 2 Frames"


What exactly are those “2 frames” from Process Project Logical Editor >> Parts + Events >> Shift events by 2 frames? When this command is applied, an event moves some small unidentified amount of space in the timeline which does not snap to grid, timebase, samples/frames, feet+frames, etc. It’s exactly from start to 0:00:00.066 in Transport, regardless of what the BPM or FPS is set to. Is it some sort of non-standard amount which means ‘just a tiny bit’? In that case it’s way too large to be considered as a handy super fine nudge. For instance, keys < and > in Final Cut Pro are exactly one frame for a clip to be nudged either direction and they are of great help when moving clips surgically in the timeline. But what are those “2 frames” in Nuendo?

Thank you.

EDIT: solved. Switched from Bars and Beats to Timecode in Transport and – voila, it’s exactly two frames. It is strange tho that by default it’s set to TWO frames as a preset in Project Logical Editor, for it’s quite a lot. One can change to one frame which I just did. I think I will leave this topic here in case someone is struck with the same enigma.

EDIT #2: When project is set to 24 fps, those “2 frames” are actually just one. So, obviously Nuendo is thus focused on film rather than video (30 fps) in which case it’s 2 frames.