By default, snap point is set at the beginning. Why no more?

Hi! Hello,

My Nuendo version is 5.5.4, please if anyone could help,
moderators and users, or even someone with the same doubts, thank you…
Snap point at the beginning of the event

I remember when was editing sound for picture,
I put the cursor on the exactly place in video
and press CTRL+L and the beginning of the audio event went to the exactly place of the cursor…
but now I can’t do it. It’s no more at the beginning.
It’s where the snap point is created,
on the first half-frame or millisecond or on the first beat etc etc.
I really understand that’s great for some situations, but not by default.

In the manual of Nuendo 5, page 299, says:
“By default, the snap point is set at the beginning of the audio event, but o often it is useful to move the snap point to a “relevant” position in the event, such as downbeat”

But it’s no more by default.
How to configure the snap point only appears at the beginning of the event, by default, again.??

Did you ever figure this out? I want snap points to be automatically at the beginning of events by default too. When I record audio in Nuendo 7, it automatically places snap points at the nearest grid size. Any way to turn that behavior off? Even when my grid size is 1 sample, it still places the snap point 1 sample after the event start.