By design or Oversight [bug??]

Hi All and Happy Monday! (Take that comment as you will)

In a nutshell here’s what I am doing. . .

Step 1 . Create instrument/midi track. Record/draw in some notes in the editor. Make sure you can hear something.
Step 2 . Activate Auto select events under cursor
Step 3 . Switch Acoustic Feedback button on.
Step 4 . Use the cursor to select notes 'underneath it, by swiping across the timeline.

Problem - No acoustic feedback on notes selected in this manner???

I’d really love to get this working so that I could “scrub” my midi sections while I’m editing.

I know about playback via left and right arrows, as well as alt+play = play selection. Also holding cntrl or shift while clicking the notes sounds them out including chords. All close but not exactly what I’m looking for.

If this could work as expected I be a very happy Cubaser this week. Lots of midi editing to do. If not, perhaps as a feature request??

Hopefully I’m missing something obvious again, but for the life of me I can’t find it.
If this is actually impossible (at present :wink: ) so be it, It’ll be good to know, so I can get on with the work instead of waisting time trying to find the right tools :slight_smile:

This was mentioned just a few days ago by someone else too, he called it midi scrubbing as well. I agree though, that’d be useful.

I’m still struggling to accept this doesn’t work :cry:

It seems setting this up with ‘auto select and acoustic feedback on’ should be exactly what I need.

I cannot see any functionality in having it not playback when selected via cursor, so I am assuming at this point its an oversight or bug in the design. But I keep hoping its just me doing something wrong.

I did post a similar reply to a thread in the lounge on midi scrubbing, but I got no reply and can’t seem to let this one go.

I guess what I’m really looking for is confirmation that it is indeed impossible, so I can just get on with it.

I can confirm the behavior as you described. The notes are selected as I sweep across the timeline but they do not sound. I can get sound by selecting the notes with the pointer, so I know that the acoustic feedback is working. I agree that this would be a nice MIDI scrub feature.

Thanks for the confirmation Jaslan.

Ironically for this job I’m actually gonna export the midi over to the dark side and edit it there… I’ve never needed this feature before, but now that I do, I really can’t believe its not in Cubase being the midi power-house that it is.

Perhaps this makes for a good feature request?

I just realized why they probably did NOT intend for the acoustic feedback to work with automatic event selection.
If you play the project (with the editor open), as the cursor walks and selects the events,you would get a “double” of every note. You would have to toggle off acoustic feedback, close the editor, or turn off automatic event selection to hear the project as it really is. Thus, I don’t think this method is the way to get a MIDI scrub. I still think a MIDI scrub feature would be helpful though.

:bulb: Aah Good thinking Batman

I’d still live with that this week. Perhaps a simple internal software ‘switch’ to the current silent mode when playing back would solve that.

Actual midi scrub tool/modifier of some sorts even better…till then thanks for confirming this one for me, I can put my head down and get the work done without wondering if I was missing something obvious there.