By Jupiter!

:laughing: A synth made of Legos!! I’ve seen everything!!

yeah! something like that! :laughing:

Now that would be cool, a modular Lego synth. Just plug bits of Lego together to configure your own :sunglasses:

Cool! :sunglasses:

Very nice.


“Some assembly required!”

Good effort, although not quite as satisfying as the real thing :sunglasses:

hehehehehe, but shouldn’t they have made it with Lincoln logs to get that ana log sound?

Expanded awareness! :laughing:


That looks sturdier than my eLicenser :confused: :wink:

It most likely is :imp: I am running out of band aids :blush:

Looks really cool.

I had a chance to play the new Jupiter at the music store the other day. That synth is just a lot of fun to play. I could fiddle with that thing for hours on end and not get bored.

You are talking about the synth…right ? :laughing:

Yup. I’m like a crack addict when I go into a music shop. I gotta spend time with the keyboards (even though I have 6 keyboards already). One can never have enough keyboards. I especially like ones with blinky lights, and the Jupiter has really cool combi preset buttons that blink on the front edge of the keyboard!