By the Power of Dorico!

Thanks to Dorico’s amazing Flow headings and Da Capo repeats, I’ve finally been able to complete an edition of an 18th-century opera – a project which I originally start 10 years ago in Finale…! :open_mouth:

Well, there still a few overrides and Master changes I need to make at a few key points (and I’ve got to do the Commentary), but the music has got to a decent enough state as it is with almost no manual intervention.

Great to see, Ben. And I see from your Tweet about this score that it’s close to 300 pages, so it’s no mere bagatelle.

29 Players in 95 Flows!

Note Entry was “a bit sluggish” towards the end, but I could at least just plough ahead and let Dorico catch up.
(Unlike Product B, which would change the duration of notes you’d already entered if you pressed the note duration keys while MIDI pitches were still in the buffer!)

Adding and removing players from Flows took a bit of time, as it affected the entire layout.

Another five operas in the pipeline!

Fabulous Work. Congratulations!

Well done. The 2.2 update is amazing.

Superb! You’ve become quite the proficient, Ben!


I didn’t have time to experiment with the flow headings yet myself, but that looks great indeed. Getting tempted to migrate a 4-year’s old Finale project of mine (also 18th century opera) but I guess it’s too late…

At what point did you move the project to Dorico? And what was your experience on that?

Please see Ben’s response directly below which came was posted at more or less the same time as mine and is more relevant to a project in multiple flows. The gist of my thinking is that it will take comparatively little time to try musicxml exports from Finale to Dorico and to then evaluate which program it makes most sense to use in finishing the project. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck!

I had invdividual .mus files for each separate recit and aria of Acts 1 & 2. I batch converted to XML, then imported each one as a new Dorico document (rumour has it that the XML settings in Preferences only apply when importing as a new document, rather than into an existing one).

Once I had Dorico documents, I could import them all together as Flows (in one go, in filename order). There was a bit of re-jigging Players, as I could do things in Dorico that I couldn’t before – such as create a ‘Tutti Violins’ Player, to consolidate one line in the score but keep lines in both Parts.

… and then I just had to type in Act 3. :confused: I was working in Dorico 2.1, so I had each Flow on a separate page — and then 2.2 came along, which was just what the Doctor ordered!