Bye dongle?

I recently came across the news telling that Steinberg will kill the dongle key.
just wondering I can also use other Steinberg products without it e.g Dorico
Does anyone know when it will be?


I realise this might just be my problem but I make it a habit that before I open Cubase, I run the eLicenser maintenance. It saves me time because usually Halion or Padshop Pro or some other VST I was unlucky enough to buy will throw a license error and crash my PC. I even bought a new dongle - what a waste of $50 that was. I can’t wait to get rid of it. Regarding your question, I think the SEL will work just the way my other licenses like Slate do. You have to be on line but it works fine. One open at a time like Adobe?

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The news seems to indicate that all of steinberg will be shifting to a new license management system, not just Dorico. That’s partly why the shift is taking so long—it’s not just dorico which could theoretically implement it faster on its own; it’s the whole conglomerate of programs. There are no official details yet, however. No sense speculating very much.

You can already use Dorico on a soft e-licence, but that limits you to having it on one computer. If you have a Dorico licence on a dongle, you can use Dorico on multiple machines - but switching from soft e-licence to the dongle is a one-way option, you can’t move a licence from a dongle back to a soft e-licence.

Hi, i do not have a Dorico, but i have the same question -when will be available to use say Drum Agent or Halion without dongle ? (I have it registered at USB dongle, but would be glad to starts run freely without use usb).

@Romanos401’s answer still applies: Steinberg have announced that they are working on a new licensing solution that will be dongle-free. They have not yet given a timeline for the transition to said licensing solution.


Daam, would be good asap

That’s what I do (run eLicenser first) having learnt from Dorico inexplicably refusing to run seemingly when it feels like it! Running eLicenser and sometimes downloading exactly the same product/version solves whatever the “problem” is.
At first I wished I had purchased a Dongle to avoid this, now it seems in the long run it would have been a waste of money.