Bye for now, Nuendo

As a post production engineer working on documentaries and having very tight schedules, I must be able to rely on software that doesn’t slow down my workflow.

I’ve been a Nuendo user almost since day one, from version 2.0 uptil now. This week I started the mix of a new documentary and one of the main processes I use is RX Connect > Cleaning up Audio in RX7/8 > Send it back to Nuendo and ‘apply’ it. I have to be able to do this with larger chunks of audio. Right now, this is impossible! Nuendo keeps having the ‘apply loop’ bug.

I noticed the problems seemed to be getting worse since the promotion and implementation of ‘Spectral Layers’. It seems like the support for RX and Izotope workflows has been dropped. I spent around €3K on Izotope products, so just leaving it to jump to Spectral Layers is not an option for me.

Since the introduction of DOP everything has been getting worse and is still extremely buggy. I don’t see any progress on this, so I have decided to jump back to Pro Tools.

I thought I would never say this, but now I will. You deeply disappoint me, Steinberg. I will keep working on composing my music in Nuendo, but for post it has become a pain in the butt. Bye, for now.

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I almost bought Izotopes’ RX. But, if you read on here, it simply does not work well at all in Nuendo. Hardly a Steinberg issue…

Good luck on your other DAW, I hope it works better for you.
I got out of another DAW company (over 20 years using their products), to have less of their headaches, and am glad I did. I do not do post, just music production, but was too tired of constant nonsense crashes, and little support. With both the other company’s lite and professional DAW versions.


It used to work fine, now not anymore. It works fine in Pro Tools too, so why isn’t this a Steinberg Issue? They implemented dop and the problems started. So far, Nuendo 7 was my favorite DAW ever, after that it became less reliable. I am advocate for Nuendo, I used to recommend it to anyone who hated Pro Tools. That was until 8 came out and things weren’t as stable anymore.

There is a known issue that iZotope confirmed for RX 8 and they work on an update. How to use RX Connect in Steinberg Cubase or Nuendo – iZotope

We have this filed under this description:

Have Izotope RX8 installed
Have a project with 2 clips (“A”, “B”)

Procedure 1
On clip A, use RX Connect in DOP to send clip to RX Editor
Use Send Back function on RX Editor.
Processed audio is sent back to DOP and can be applied. OK

Procedure 2
Repeat the same procedure on clip B.

Processed audio is not sent back to DOP

Question would be if this happens on every clip or just some?


I got off the line with RX tech support about two hours ago-- was just checking in to see if there were any news about RX 8 getting closer to being compatible with N11. I was surprised to learn that (according to the tech guy I was talking to, at least) RX Connect only officially supports up to Nuendo 10x. Not Nuendo 11. That includes RX7.

I don’t know if the guy I talked to was wrong-- though I CAN tell you that RX Connect 7 has been consistently crashing my projects, as complained about in other threads.

The guy did report that “The Team” at iZotope hasn’t given up, and that compatibility is going to happen (when? eventually.), and they are very sorry for the delay. I did not get an answer when asking if ARA were possibly part of the future.

And there you have it.


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Others have chimed in so…


True, that… however, the RX Connect 7 not officially supporting Nuendo 11 was news to me–after being in pretty good and consistent touch with both Steinberg and iZotope over the past few months.

To each his own-- though I had a very hairy experience on my last project involving DOP gone rogue and my saving and closing before I noticed, leading to 2am misery and piecing together hours of old work, I still couldn’t do what I do without RX, so continue to take my chances… and am trying to stay vigilant about what I’m saving when I save! And… in the long run, a couple of hours out of a three month project isn’t a mortal hit. Aggravating, yes…

I’m sure they (whoever “they” are) will figure it out… but am getting weary from waiting!



That is interesting, however it doesn’t surprise me. To me, DOP has become the main issue. I wish we had a choice to use offline processing the ‘old’ way, simultaneous with DOP. ‘My’ Nuendo, which used to be extremely reliable and stable, has become the opposite of that.

I hope they will not continue ignoring the ‘Gold Standard’ this way and fix this asap, because everything else in Nuendo is still so damn good. So please Steinberg, I would be more than happy with having the old way of processing together with the awesome other features that Nuendo has to offer.


We will keep following this issue but for now, I hope that iZotope can release an update soon. However, they haven’t provided a potential time frame for that.

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This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.


Interesting but works fine on a per clip basis. Not sure your workflow but if you are processing individually within RX, then do it one by one. RX hardly works well as a process all type of application in my opinion, unless your after sloppy results. Its mostly about honing in on individual events clips for me. Otherwise I use batch process or bounce large chunks before sending back and fourth. Best of luck in your other DAW.

Hi Timeline, thanks for your contribution to the topic, but I think you haven’t read my first post. It used to work fine, I used it on big chunks of audio all the time without issues. Now it doesn’t even work properly on a clip per clip basis. If the audio is sent back wrong once, it will go wrong everytime from there on. And I explained how I work and how I desire to work, so my way of working may differ from yours.

yeah no worries, we all have our own method of working, mostly sad to read a serious Nuendo user is leaving it for another DAW. I did read your post and it sucks if it doesn’t work the same way for sure and understand why that is a deal breaker. Mainly pointing out that on a clip per clip basis it works great on my end not sure why its not working for you and with that method I can bounce larger chunks of audio from Nuendo first to go back and fourth. That with always keeping a duplicate of the AAF of OMF this can work well in case I need to go back to the original. DOP in my opinion is also an enormous improvement from the original process history function that didn’t even allow you to delete multiple instances of process and had loads of bugs for me when working across the network linking several Nuendo systems and linking issues. Its largely improved for me and is an invaluable tool I doubt it would be easy for them to have both methods available.

Yes it is a bad situation that RX isn’t working like it ought to in Nuendo.
However, with the last years of new plugins I rely less and less on RX.
Yes there are a few things RX is still the best tool for. However my usage has gone from 100% RX for dealing with noise issues to less than 20%.

If you use Izotope RX and haven’t yet checked out the competition from Accentize and Acon , then you need to do that. I also use Spectralayers for all things spectral editing (although just know that it is not a RX replacement for processing in general, but the editing is superior).


I hadn’t heard of these new plugins. Thanks for the tip.

Very interesting. We only switched to Nuendo because of DOP. We digitize sound carriers (tapes) and iZotope RX is also our standard tool. Especially the improvement of dialogues through RX Connect. The implementation of RX Connect is currently miserable, but it works fine if you follow a few strange rules and avoid certain manipulations. RX8 in Nuendo 11 is tricky to use right now - but it works. Nevertheless, I wish that something could finally be improved by Steinberg.

The implementation in Cakewalk Sonar is just as miserable as in Steinberg. I think there is also a lot to do with iZotope. Integration as ARA would be nice.