bypass 816x preamps

I’ve been looking for a straight answer on this one and came upon 3 different answers
1- cant bypass them
2- can bypass them using channels 1 & 2 on the back
3- even if using 1&2 channels on the back panel , hi-end pre amps will loose their edge .

can someone please help me make some seance here?

thanks :wink:

The inserts on the back for Ch 1 and 2 will allow complete bypass as they insert post pre-amps. Look at the routing diagram in the 816 manual on page 50.

thanks AlakaLazlo :wink:

if i understand correctly the 1 2 inputs are unbalanced , so if i have a xlr balanced output and an unbalanced pl output in my external preamp , whice of them do i wanna use? is there a major sound difference between them ?