Bypass Automation and Sustain-Pedal Logic

This problem affects two areas: Automation tracks to turn insert plugin on and off and in the key editor sustain pedal on and off (CC64).
In both of these areas, the program works with incorrect, misleading logic.

  1. a plug-in that is switched on has a higher energy state than one that is switched off. Therefore, “switched on” should be at the top of the automation track and “switched off” at the bottom. But it is the other way around, because the designation is Bypass on/off. This is twisted logic. The label should be Plugin on/off and “on” should be displayed at the top and “off” at the bottom.
  2. the sustain pedal is analogous: A pedal that is pressed down is displayed at the top and a pedal that is up is displayed at the bottom. In contrast to problem 1, the principle of “higher energy state at the top” applies here, but the physical idea of a real sustain pedal is even closer. It would therefore be better to reverse the display here too and show “pedal on” at the bottom and “pedal off” at the top.