Bypass button not working as intended

I’ve been having consistent issues with the Bypass button on plugins in the mixer and inspector (and potentially other areas I don’t use).

Often, I click the bypass button and nothing happens. The plugin is not bypassed and the color does not change indicating the plugin is bypassed. Usually I will have to click on the button 2 or more times until it works, sometimes it doesn’t work entirely and I have to open up the plugin editor and click on the bypass button from there.

Additionally, I will see an issue with the bypass button when trying to enable a plugin that was “powered off”. For example, if you open a plugin editor window and click the power button to the left of the bypass button, clicking on the bypass button on the mixer will sometimes do nothing to power the plugin back on.

None of these problems existed in Cubase 8. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out the exact cause of this issue, but it is very consistent. I use these buttons often and would love to see a fix for it. I would be happy to help run any specific tests.