Bypass Command on MC Control

I wrote Eucon KC’s for by passing the EQ or Channel Strip on any selected channel. But neither is working.
The path is Eucon > KC > Mixer > Bypass: EQ or Channel Strip
Eucon Bypass Command Path.jpg
When I use the mouse to click the bypass button, it engages and the Channel strip is greyed out. But when I press the programmed button on the MC Control. Nothing happens. Is this feature no longer supported? Has anyone here been able to make this work?


Using the EQ-knob symbol in the touch screen to switch the eq of the respective channel on/off.

  1. tab on the fader of the respective channel
  2. tab on the eq in the touch screen

Works :exclamation: :wink:


“Duh!” :blush: Thanks.

Still, I wonder why the Eucommand didn’t work. The touch screen on the MC is flat out lousy! So any control that’s really important, I would rather have on a REAL BUTTON. So, having the option to create Bypass Buttons should have worked, even if it was redundant. :frowning: All the other command strings worked. Why didn’t this one? :question: