Bypass Insert button not working properly anymore


When I click the Bypass button on the inserts; it should go yellow and the inserts should be bypassed. This is how it always worked. But now for some reason, clicking the bypass button turns off 2 of my 3 inserts; and the button doesnt go yellow. Clicking it once more - and the button turns yellow but the 3rd insert is still enabled. Clicking once more and the yellow color disappears, but the 2 inserts stay disabled. What has happened?

Thank you

Pls help this is hindering my work flow :frowning:

What inserts?

I noticed a few 3rd party VST3 inserts sometimes have this issue. If that is the case then you need to contact that specific vendor to correct it. When I have these issues I load and use the VST2 version until a resolution for the VST3 is issued by the vendor.

Regards :sunglasses: