bypass inserts

I’m running C4 and working on an audio track using Guitar Rig 4. I want to bypass the plugin for most of the track to take the load of my CPU which maxes out for some reason when the plugin is not actually being used.
I know it’s easy enough to do manually using the channel bypass button with Read & Write but is there any other way I can automate this. Tried to do it via automation track but can’t see any bypass option in the plugin itself.
Alternatively can I automate the bypass button for all the inserts on the track?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks

I seem to have done it. By using the R &W buttons manually it creates an automation track . Now when I click on that track it shows the bypass option at the top with an asterisk beside it. Why isn’t the bypass option there in the first place? Confusing.

You can also duplicate the track, set one with, one without plugin, split/mute it where you need the pluggin to be on/off.