Bypass not working?!

Something weird is happening to me, not sure if I did something wrong.
I’m using superclips (has internal submontage) to process each song independently in a main montage.
Each clip contains a set of plugins inserted has clip effects. When I edit a submontage and bypass the whole clip effects nothing happens. If i change some plugin parameter I can hear the changes even with the bypass active.

The effects are in the clips of the sub-montages, or in the super-clip?

They are inserted has ‘clip effects’ in the clip inside the sub-montage.

The idea with this approach is also to manage computer resources, so that the main montage plays/processes the rendered super-clip. Which by the way, i don’t use any clip effects inside the super-clip, neither track effects, only at the main montage output.

The bypass function should work when editing the sub-montage, but not the main montage, since a super-clip is a rendered file, with the plugins printed in it.

Yes, I’m aware.
Here, when I open the sub-montage and bypass the clip-effects section nothing happens.
There’s something else going on.
I’ll try to do a video capture soon.

I just found that if I activate and deactivate the monitor button in the track the clip-effects bypass becomes audible.
Very weird…

Apparently the main montage file was broken, perhaps due to several “save as” to create new versions of the project or because I changed the speaker configuration. Anyways, just speculating, I’m not sure what caused this problem.
I created new external-montages for each song from the internal montages and from there I created a new main-montage from scratch.
I think I will start using external sub-montages from now onward.

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