ByPass Plugins

When I’m rendering a track should I Remove analizing Plugins ? or will ByPass do the same job ?. I dont want the analizing Plugins to affect the finished, rendered track

An analysis plugin should be neutral on the signal. Hence you don’t have to use bypass.
What plugin do you think of, by the way?

If you’re using WaveLab Pro you can put any analysis plugins in the Playback Processing slots of the Master Section and then not have to worry about it.

The Playback Processing slots are really designed for additional metering, room/speaker/headphone correction and other things that you want to see and potentially hear but have ZERO chance of ending up in the rending path, and won’t influence the internal metering of WaveLab.

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Absolutely. I put sound ID reference in the playback slots for room correction and just leave it there always. Pro version only though as someone asked this a couple of days ago but didn’t say what version they had. It turns out they had elements.

That was probably me mkok. I have the Elements version
So should I Bypass or remove ?
I have VSX Headphones, Voxengo Span and acouple of others which analize the output.

I would remove. Even though they won’t get printed they can have an impact on the cpu when bypassed. Not all plugins but I have seen it on one of mine.

I’m not sure why you started a new subject and still didn’t put what version you had. That is why you got the same answers again. As much detail as possible should be input into questions.

Many Thanks for your help.

Agreed. Bypass alone is not enough if you’re really worried about any side effects. 99% of the time a bypass can be OK but if it were me, I’d fully remove the plugin, and then close and reopen the Audio Montage and/or reload the master section so any latency can be recalculated.

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Thanks. I’m deleting when I export