bypass setting not saved (eq/strip/send bypass options)

I’m running Cubase Pro 8.0.20 on Mac OS 10.9.5. I’m playing back a single stereo file (16 bit, 44.1kHz) with as minimal a signal path as possible. So inserts, eq, strip, sends, and panner control are all bypassed (yellow dot) on the audio track with the audio file. (I do have a 3rd party metering plugin on the output buss for my audio interface).

I save the project with everything bypassed on the audio track and then re-open it (in Cubase 8). But after I re-open it, everything is still bypassed (yellow dot) except the channel strip - which is now active (white dot). Seems like not restoring this saved = bypassed state - is a bug (?)

I also do not get that right clicking and sequentially selecting bypass (for channel strip or sends) actually toggles the bypass setting on and off (yellow dot to white dot then back again). Whereas, if the EQ is active and you right click, you get a “deactivate” option. Select this, you get the yellow dot, then right click again, and you get opposite state “activate” option (selecting gets back to white dot). So you have menu options that toggle state named “activate/deactivate” for EQ, but then “bypass/bypass” for strip and sends?

This is inconsistent; “bypass” or “deactivate” should be an absolute state (and not sometimes denote a relative state compared to the previous one, as in “negate” for bypass). Or if a control is already bypassed, then the corresponding right click menu option should change to present the opposite state as, e.g., “unbypass”, “engage”, etc. (just as EQ presents “activate” and “deactivate” when toggled in sequence).

BTW - I tried opening the same project file as saved from Cubase 8.0.20 - with Cubase 7.5.30, and I also see the channel strip has been made active again. (Can’t save the Cubase 8 project though with 7.5.30 however w/o 7.5.30 quitting/crashing though - but maybe that is not supposed to work, e.g., different project formats, etc.).