Bypassed FX Send Not Working when reopen the project

Bypassed FX Send Not Working when reopen the project, we have to enable it twice to get through,.

Do as Directed to know the issue. (Describing the issue procedure step by step). :- Check Video LINK too, at the bottom.

for better understanding
1.create a new Project
2.add a track with any audio sample. for example “KICK”.
3.add an fx track (for example- Stereo DELAY) , assign to KICK. can see kick channel’s send button is blue, means it’s working . you can hear the delay.
5.bypass the send and SAVE the Project.
6.Reopen the same Project.
7.Enable the send. NOW HERE IS THE MAIN ISSUE…

—> You can see it’s turned blue, means it’s activated. but actually the send is not activated it self.
—> You have to bypass again and turn it on… and now you can hear the DELAY…
—> (this happens to every bypassed Send Fx in the project).

i hope i described well enough to understand. if not,
Here is the Quick Video Link —>

This issue Exist since i use Cubase 9 Pro. (My 1st Purchase)
i have installed 2nd cubase 10 (elements) in my laptop as well, same issue with that too…
so tell me, is this really an issue?? or a Feature??? :unamused:


This is a bug. Reported to Steinberg CAN-23175.

:slight_smile: Thanks…