Bypassing effects in Cubase

Hello! I have a short (maybe strange) question - can I somehow turn off (bypass) the effects on the audio track in Cubase 10 Pro if they are on the Master (Stereo Out) track? I have in my project one track with the pad sound recorded from an external synthesizer and on the Master track a few effects that I do not want on the audio track. How can I do that? Thank you.

There are “bypass” buttons associated with each VST inserted on any track. One place to find them is in the track inspector section. Open the applicable VST editor and hit the bypass from there. It is usually located in the upper left corner (blue colored when active).

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There is one additional thing you may want to consider: Inserting effects on the master-bus should preferrably be used for effects that you want to see on the sum (mix). So place the effects on the track where you actually want them to be applied (and/or use effect tracks and sends).

If you want to include effects only while monitoring, but not included in your final mix, you should consider using the control room feature. In this case you would insert the effects only in the control room and not in the master bus. This would be free for mixdowns, iow your recording-mixes.

What I would do is create a group track routed to the stereo out, put the effects you don’t want on the external synth there, and have all channels except the synth routed to that group track.

Hi, i’m bumping this because no sense in creating a new topic. I ususally use plugins suck as Izotope Neutron or Ozone that induce a lot latency and that don’t want while i’m recording. But when bypassing it, the latency was still there, is there no true bypass in Cubase ?

There is a „true switch off“ in Cubase by [alt] (or maybe[ shift] or [control]) clicking the bypass button