Bypassing Inserts not working as should when using SPAN plug-in

When voxengo span plug-in is inserted:
No matter if I press blue bypass button on all inserts on channel bar or mixer,
program is bypassing them, but when I press it again to un-bypass, a have to
press on each plug in to turn it on manually. It cannot be true! It is BUG!
I cannot A/B work!

If this is what I think it is, this is a Vst3 issue… Not with Cubase, but with some 3rd party plugins not implemented correctly.

I have Vst3 plugins from a couple of other vendors (Boz Digital ++) that behave as you explain. And when opening the plugin editor the bypass is missing.

The same plugins in Vst2 works as expected.

PS. I have contacted Boz Digital Labs, buy yet to receive an answer

Thanks for answer!
I’m very interested what Boz Digital Labs answer.

I am also wonder why SPAN bypassing worked well in C9.5. It is bit suspicious.