Bypassing Neutron in Master Section/Effects Errors

Bypassing Neutron (Advanced) in Wavelab Elements 9 (Master Section/Effects) while a file is playing causes this:

“A serious error has occurred inside the plug-in ‘Neutron’.
WaveLab Elements could control it, but it would be best to save your work and restart WaveLab Elements.”

It happens every single time, while Ozone and other Izotope plugins don’t show this error in the same situation- they work as expected, as do all my other plugins.

Neutron works completely fine in all other ways so far as I can tell, and this error does not cause a crash, and work can continue.

I can’t reproduce that here on OS X. Where exactly do you bypass the Neutron? The internal bypass button in the plugin? In the top left of the GUI window? The entire master section?

What sample rate are you at did you try to use a few different sample rates to help troubleshoot?

If you use Neutron in the montage output effects or on a clip, doest the crash also occur?

Are other plugins inserted when the crash happens or only Neutron?

If you use another sound card such as the internal computer sound card, does the crash still happen?

A crash report would surely help PG offer an idea to solve it.

Hi, forgot to mention I am on Windows 10 Home, MSI GT72 laptop, Zoom UAC-2 @ 44.1 Hz.

Was using the Master Section “Bypass Processing” button to the right of “S -Solo” in the effects rack. Made no difference if other plugins were loaded or not.

I have not tried in montage as I rarely ever use that, and I have not messed with changing sample rate or using the MSI’s onboard audio.

To clarify, when I said in my first post that it did not crash the program, I meant it stopped the playback to present error text, but continued to work after I reset the “Bypass Processing”. This also shows error while NOT playing back audio and just hitting “Bypass Processing” then trying to play audio. Same thing from Effects/“Bypass All Effects” button, but NOT from “Bypass Master Section”.

edited to fix my log file (877 Bytes)