C 10.0.10: Audio recording doesn't work


I am working on a project which I recorded under C 9.5 and continued mixing under C 10.0.10

I now wanted to add some further audio tracks and found that I am unable to record in C10. With record activated, the track is created but remains empty - I doesn’t capture any audio. Also I do not see any audio input bar. I checked the channel assignments in the studio connections but everything was set up correctly.

Midi recording works.

In order to record audio I had to go back to C 9.5 where audio recording works without issues.

Any ideas?

I am using a RME UFX with the latest drivers installed.

PS: all in all I am quite disappointed about the quality of C10 and I regred to have switched over so early


Did you check the track’s audio input?

What do you see in the Mixconsole Input tracks?

Also, as a routine troubleshooting check, use Cubase Safe Start Mode- launch Cubase and hold down alt-ctrl-shift till you see the Disable Preferences dialog.

I tried safe mode with out success

Input channels do not show a signal