C-11 How to Avoid "Mission Creep" Hot Tracks?

@ggmanestraki - Great observation and relevant. Once I enlarge the faders just a bit taller, the buttons return. Thanks.

My query about the Render in Place got bumped up due to my responding to an earlier question about my Consoler faders. Hopefully someone can help with that. TY.

It’s a bit tough to diagnose this accurately from a distance. Could you perhaps grab a screenshot of the console with the pre and routing tabs open?

Have you tried suspending automation read? Maybe you have some rogue values that peg stuff to the max? Or high initial values on the track that persist when you suspend read?

It’s all worth checking out. Were your meters pre or post fader after all?

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Can you please try removing (or moving it elsewhere) the Defaults.xml file located in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64 ?

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Has something gone wrong with the level of the VCA track? Check to see what it’s levels are pre and post render.

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@ggmanestraki @Louis_R @RichardTownsend - Thanks for input on this render issue which I’ll look into later today, but right now I’m still wrangling down the gain issue (first priority). Some progress made, but until I can nuke the need for the VCA, I ain’t here yet. VCA is handy, but it can’t act as a fooling-myself mix dampener…

I used @RichardTownsend’s approach (select all gain automation in all pre-group tracks and mass-reduce levels) and I was then able to remove the VCA fader track completely.

One can see the no-audio 14 seconds video of a handful of bars of my project’s loudest part - the chorus - in the video parked at my basically unused YouTube channel.

I’m sure one or more of you will still take legit issue with the result (i.e. low end brass-strings and drum tracks are still veering a bit above -12 Db), but it’s a vast improvement over where I was at the time of my OP.

I definitely need to pay attention to gain from here on out and no more using VCA as a crutch.

Every time I pose a question at this forum, I learn a bit more and I’m woefully very far from mastering all the levels that Cubase has to offer. It seems like an endless journey, but that’s the point - making progress at proficiency, even as a “serious amateur”.

Current Gain Levels (Chorus)

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In this case my custom brass HALionSonic SE 3 instrument named “H-LO BRASS” in this project - but I may run into the same issue when I start adding actual bass and/or other low end orchestral instrument.

The console screenshot is as close as I could capture of where both this and the main strings briefly peak at the end of each measure of the the current version of the bridge type section. The main strings aren’t the problem, it’s the low-end brass.

The project tracks shot shows where these short volume peaks are at the end of each measure, as well as current volume and gain automation.

Only main strings, drum track and the problematic H-LO-BRASS are happening at this end-of-measure area. Piano melody kicks in right as each measure starts, but doesn’t show here since it’s not part of the arrangement.

Last, screenshot of said HALion instrument. I haven’t yet decided on if I will use the shown strings, so they are currently muted. The two active brass instruments are playing at 2 octaves apart, the second down 2. Volume is at 0 Db which may or may not be the problem. But if I lower it in-VST, I’ll have to raise volume or gain in-track.

Or maybe I’m just not understanding something obvious.
Your help appreciated.

P.S: Drum group track in right side zone is still a bit hot but maybe still within acceptable range - or not. Let me know.

@RichardTownsend and @Louis_R and @ggmanestraki – A bit late to respond about the after-Render in Place huge gain surge since I’ve been busy with the core gain issue. Once the VCA channel and fader were removed, the problem went away. So thanks for your input. Now if I can just get this remaining low-end problem solved…

I just tried the two sounds together. They get a bit hot. (and I get some crackles, that’s weird, but besides the point.) I’d lower the volume from HALION Sonic to acceptable levels, and then use a compressor or limiter on top of that to lock the sounds to the required level.

@ggmanestraki - Thanks. I’’ try that. But if still hot, maybe I just need to come up with another instrument that will essentially do the same thing.