C-11: "Mystery" Data in MIDI Event/s - Can't Figure It Out

Highlighted in the screenshot is the orange MIDI event recorded from my Korg Trinity keyboard, below is its audio recording. There are occasional spikes visible that at this point are not effecting the sound or recording off of this event.

But in another recent post of mine, there was some modulation vibrato oddities that ended up polluting the entire track and more.

I eventually found the anomaly by opening up the modulation lane in the piano roll editor of that MIDI event and deleted all the automation that had been created.

But in this case, I’ve opened up just about every lane in the MIDI piano roll editor and I can’t find anything reflecting those spikes.

I’ve looked at the MIDI Monitor but I just can’t make sense of what’s in there for it also doesn’t seem to reflect anything in real time to those spikes.

As stated, in this case there is no weirdness going on on a musical level. But I want to avoid the former situation by figuring out and if necessary, deleting that spiked data.


I’d open the MIDI Part in the List Editor where you can see all the MIDI Data which should give you a clue about what the mystery data is. I’m gonna guess it ends up being Aftertouch.

FYI (jargon version), the item in your screenshot is actually a MIDI Part, the notes inside the Part are examples of MIDI Events. Parts hold Events. And just to make it more confusing the Audio in your pic is an Event not a Part.

@raino - Thanks, and you were right – t’is all Aftertouch stuff that I feel I can nuke. And, now I know what the List Editor is and can be used for. Never had a use for it up until now. Live and learn.

As far as le jargon, duly noted. :slight_smile:

You can use the Input Transformer to filter out Aftertouch.

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