C-11: No-Sound CPR Project Causes System-wide Audio distortion

Cubase 11, Windows 10, multiple SSD drives.

I had to leave my apartment so I saved and backed up my entire project to an external drive as I usually do after major edits.

Two hours later, I fire the project up (a Windows update happened on shutdown which I sort of ignored) and while all is well in the GUI - mix console, tracks, etc. all show audio happening in MIDI, VST and audio tracks, no sound at all. The most recent .bak version did the same thing.

I fished out the backed up version parked on one of my external drives from two hours earlier, it works.

I compared the setup in both projects, they are identical:

And the other weird thing is that I hit the internet to find some videos to potentially fix this but… as long as the no-sound .cpr is loaded in Cubase, the audio on YouTube AND my local media player (VLC) are very distorted as if being way over-clipped.

Just unloading this corrupt file without closing Cubase fixes the YouTube/online and local media player distortion.

I thought this might have been some Windows 10 update issue or audio interface or other, but I did a full system restore (I use Macrium Reflect), and updated the audio drivers - I have a Behringer UMC2040, ran a sfcscannow, etc. it’s still happening.

Yes, being backup-compulsive helps, but it still worries me how this kind of audio black-out corruption of a .cpr can happen and how this can mess with my sytem’s audio.

BTW, all my audio Cubase projects are on my D:\ drive, not C:\ and some of my VST content (Kontakt and other) are on another external drive.

Very puzzled.


Try to click the Deactivate All Mute States button (even if it’s not yellow), please.

Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.