c 11 pro no boot blank project with no 3rd party plugins now...

what the subject says, basically. It starts coming up and quietly exits without a word. it always creates .dmp. i will attach the four most recent dmp files.

Will not boot empty project with no 3rd party plugins allowed from the front crash screen.

utter toast. PC, i9-9900k, 64gig mem, worked fine 10.5.20, etc.

if anybody has Win SDK crap to open .dmp - can you give me any idea where to start upon looking through these .dmp files?

does Steinberg dev not believe in error messages?

Rue Ellen Chancellor
Cubase 64bit 2020.12.4 (742 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.12.4 (1.56 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.12.4 (1.71 MB)