C-12 Creates Useless MIDI Tracks When Dragging Patterns/Parts from VSTi?

Some 3rd Party VSTi have included song creation grids, some don’t. But the same thing happens, in my case with EZDrummer 3 and MusicLabs RealGuitar & Realtrat. Such instruments gives on the option to drag a selected pattern, or in the case of a song grid where one can arrange parts.

The expected behavior is that when one drags a pattern or parts to its respective VSTi’s track, one can hear, edit, etc. as played by that instrument.

BUT… Cubase ignores this (no drag to VSTi works) and keeps creating generic MIDI tracks at the very bottom of the project over and over for each and every time one drags. Some are even labeled as “SyEx Data” as shown in the above screenshot.

This is very frustrating - clogs up the project with numerous useless tracks and having to move/copy these patterns and parts to the correct VSTi track.

(BTW, unlike most I only work with Type 0 MIDI files - the VSTi I use have enough mixer and fine-tuning in them to not need to create separate Type 1 tracks.)

Is there some Preference setting that makes this happen that should be changed or ?

Thank you.


You can find the reply here.

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@Martin.Jirsak - Thanks. I’ll mark this as a solution, though as explained below it’s not quite 100% what was hoped for.

As I understand it, the solution for this due to the interaction between Cubase and certain VSTi and how they create MIDI patterns and what data is or is not included in the draggable parts is to pre-empt the addition of automatic MIDI tracks when dragging by creating a generic MIDI track right below the VSTi’s track so these patterns/parts can they can be dragged there. Then moved up to the VSTi’s lane/s.

Not ideal, but better than having to scroll down to the bottom of project after every drag to fish out the parts/patterns from (and then delete) the multiple auto-MIDI tracks.