C-12 - New to Ducking/Sidechain, Need Help

Since the native Cubase Frequency plugin is the most visual, I’m partial to using that way as shown in the third section of Dom Sigalas’s Cubase video called “03 Make Room for You Vocals” - which can be applied to any situation.

Right now, I have a tiny project where I’ve recorded a RealStrat lead over 1 track of a David Gilmour song called Short and Sweet to practice some melodic chops.

So only 2 tracks total; the Short and Sweet track is ducking as shown above when I want the RealStrat lead to shine through a bit better.

And I’ve seen videos of a common use of this - kick drums track and bass track.
Again, one ducks the other. But…

How does one choose multiple tracks to be ducked?

Pardon the ignorance, I’m just learning to do this.


Route all the Tracks you want to duck to a Group Track & do the ducking on it.

@raino - Thanks. Such an obvious solution it went right past my aging brain. :slight_smile: