C-12 Pro: How to Create This Piano Sound?

Cubase Pro 12
Kontakt Komplete 13

I like the “liquid” sound of his keyboard - it has a sustain and my guess an added string or lead pad combo.

Which VSTi keys and fx in Cubase (with or without using NI Komplete) would pull this off?

I tried to make a short clip of the sound to make this simple, but YouTube wouldn’t let me. You can scroll through the video to find the parts where you can hear him playing his keyboard, but the sample of it that I tried to clip for you is from:

12:22 - 12:53 min.


It’s just a piano with long reverb.
You can create similar sounds with Halion Sonic and Reverence, for example.
Maybe you need to filter the reverb and tweak the piano sound a bit.

Eventides Blackhole or Fabfilters Pro-R2 are very good on such things, but others can do it as well.

@st10ss - Thanks. I felt a bit silly after posting my OP for it’s not rocket science. As far as in-Cubase reverb, I have NI Raum and and the free Valhalla Supermassive.