C-12 Pro - Tempo Problem Due to 5-Bar Core Drum Track/File

Tempo Problem - 0:17 min.

Loop is necessary to get a sense of it, though I am providing a stripped down .CPR project with the basics.

Cubase Pro 12
Windows 10

Issue: Unfortunately building a song over a 5-bars drum pattern in a 75 bpm project, but because of the odd number of bars, it’s NOT really 75 bpm, and this is messing up things like metronome sync and using other VSTi that have to sync with the project’s tempo.

The short video above is a basic sample of this odd arrangement problem - I couldn’t record the metronome to show how out-of -ync it is to the drum track, so I created a very simple .CPR project of it that I have parked at my Google Drive as a .zip file: It has:

1 Tempo track set at 75 bpm like my project
1 Audio track with muted drum track (.wav)
1 Audio track of drums only (.wav)
1 MIDI track with Type 0 midi file of the drum track

The actual project so far only has MIDI data - no separate audio tracks (I save those for the very end if necessary). But even so…

I did the tempo detection and it turns out that if one changes the project tempo to 120 bpm, metronome and drum track are in sync. The stripped down project .cpr is in 75 bpm, but if you change it to 120, you’ll see what happens.

But time stretching or reducing so that the drum patterns fits into a standard 4 bars format totally messes things up. Simpler EDM type drum patterns would be easy, but this more or less older prog rock style has grace notes and subtleties that are hard to adjust - at least for me.

I don’t need the metronome to play and record, but it’s vital for syncing stuff like alternate drums and guitar strumming and picking (NI guitars and RealStrat/RealGuitar patterns).

I wish I hadn’t started with that drum pattern, but I really like the groove of which I have various edited versions for slower parts, but feel pretty stupid not being able to figure this out or fix/adjust the overall tempo issue so everything is in sync.

Probably a simple solution, I’m just too dense to see it.

Thanks for your help.

ZIP File - “NEWSPACE - Tempo Issue”