C-12: Where to Post Issues/Fixes or Improvement Suggestions?

I’m still having issues with mostly GUI changes from Cubase 11 to 12 (12.0.30) that are keeping me using 11 instead of 12. Is there a particular forum section where such posts would be actually read and considered by the Steinberg dev team? I don’t want to just take up forum real estate.

Thank you.

I wouldn’t worry about this, we’ve got close to infinity left to fill

Unlike the old forum, where a post is placed is way less important than how it is tagged. So if it’s related to Cubase put it in that area and tag it as an issue, feature request or whatever is appropriate. Using tags makes it easier for the devs to find the requests than having them buried in the middle of a thread with a couple hundred posts.

@raino - Thanks, I’ll do that.