C 13.0.10 PC - Waves equalizers weird behaviour

In Cubase 12, when I use Waves equalizers, I can click on a frequency in the equalizer curve holding Ctrl, and if I move the mouse up/down I can change the the gain without affetcing the frequency, and if I move left/right I can change the frequency without affecting the gain.

In Cubase 13.0.10 this behaviour does not work, after some movements the frequency or the gain are blocked, and I have to release Ctrl to restore the functionality.

  • with fresh preferences the problem is there, but it happens sometimes, not so often
  • but when I customize Cubase, then the problem is always there (especially when Ozone 11 is loaded in the project)
  • I tried to reinstall Waves plugins, but it does not work
  • I know Waves plugins are not certified for Cubase 13

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Thank you.

My system: 12.9K, Windows 11 Pro, 32 RAM, GTX 1650