C-2 midi notes randomly moving to C-1

I recently started using midi notes below c0 for patch changes in Kontakt. Every now and then when I open the Key Editor, all notes on c-2 move up an octave to c-1.

This happens randomly and without selecting the notes themselves and only on c-2, c#-2 and up are unaffected. I’ve never actually seen the notes move, and it only happens maybe about a quarter of the time (if I had to guess).

I’ve unplugged my external midi devices to rule those out.

Any thoughts?

Cubase 7.0.4
Mac OSX 10.8.3

Are they permanently moved or just during that editing session. In other words, if you close the editor and re-open it, are they back in the proper locations? What happens if you play them? Do they play correctly? Try to determine if it is just displaying the notes incorrectly or actually changing their values. Also, make sure you don’t have something going on with the MIDI transpose function.


Thanks for the reply.

They are permanent changes that do change the values. So when I play it back, it’s definitely playing the transposed note of c-1 rather than c-2.

I don’t use the MIDI transpose function, but I double-checked that as well as made a transpose track and nothing. I do have “octave up” and “octave down” logical presets, but the notes have to be selected in order for that to work. This also happens with every Cubase file, not just one.

Now I’m skimming through the manual again for any kind of transpose function that would run in the background and only affect certain pitches.

Worst case, I could do a work around and change the patch change range in Kontakt from starting at c-2 to c#-2 and just note use that note. Which isn’t terrible, but I’m determined to figure this out!

I’m having this very problem.

it happens when you glue midi tracks together - seems to shift c-2 up one octave.

Really frustrating!

What did you find out?

Any fizzes?

Have you updated to the latest version? This was fixed in 7.5.2.

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Oh yeah I forgot to add that. I will.