C 6.0.1 - early pros and cons

Great to have the option to color the fades caps !!

Not good, that a simple preference switch was forgotten !!

bye, Jan


I don’t mean to interrupt your thread, but what would be the point of linking to a private aka “lounge” thread?

P.S. Good on you for working so hard to identify bugs over this and the last century.

Is there even a C6.0.2…thought today’s only release was 6.0.1?

6.0.2 is in beta, but who knows the the “testers” are.

As I believe Dr Washington & I agree, the e-licenser software should notify of new downloads and subsequently download those packages, whether beta, hotfix, patch or upgrade (notwithstanding new versions).

Hurry Steinberg and get it right!

SORRY … it’s a bit late, here …
Talking about 6.01

( have read about the upcomming 6.0.2 release and that kept stuck in my old brains … )

Take Ginkgo Biloba (herb).

its good to have the caps but having to restart c6 everytime ,that is stupid in my book !


Would be even greater to have the option to designate (colour) the different track types like we had back at C5 for example, which is where all that fader cap nonsense started.

Ok, it is now there as an option for some - for me, its pig-ugly; seems they literally just went and copy/pasted the code from the V-STack applet linked to in that big old ‘coloured-track-differentiation’ thread.

Well, I guess, SB indeed are listening…! (and I’m not whinging about that…) :slight_smile:

Great for the 28102 Quantize fix!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Could it be possible to have this behavior on the Quantize panel too instead of the “slow drop down list”

Thank you Steinberg!