C 6.0.3 Errors - sluggish GUI - new findings

After finding the scissors tool causing sluggish jerky redraws, after a few minutes,
it took me a bit longer, to find the reason for the 2nd issue
(Jerky redraw, depending on what is shown in the project window) :

It is caused by very long MIDI parts.

As the integrated click is very limited and many of it’s options do not work,
I have to resort to using MIDI click tracks.
As I mostly record different takes in series, I need very long click parts.
That’s why I had the jerky redraw, when the click tracks where in view.

To repro :
Create a MIDI track.
Create a 4 bar MIDI part and fill it with notes.
Repeat that part 300 times.
Glue all copied parts to one.
Zoom in to see 8 bars and start playback ( stationary cursor = on )
Jerky redraw

Workaround :
Split long MIDI parts into short pieces.


Sounds graphics (+Cubase) to me from that.

You’re using a lot of monitors. What graphics card/s? And would tweaking that /those improve things any?

It may also help to give graphic card specs so the devs can maybe work out if there is a new conflict between those and Cubase 6.0.3.
Sorry if I missed that you did already.

Hi Conman,
did You try to repro ?

GraCa is in my sig.
Only using 3 of the displays at a time ( depending on doing audio or video )

Pretty sure this is a Cubase issue, as everything works fine with ‘normal’ song length’.
Guess no one tested MIDI parts as long as 30 min …
( didn’t try to find the stuttering threshold, yet )






A short ‘noted’ would be great !


Pointless me testing as I’m only using one monitor. As there are some issues concerning multiple monitor use I may not see the same effects.
Still it’s worth keeping this one alive a bit longer to see if anyone else using long midi parts is affected.

This start to happen to me but not midi at all just audio (ten tracks).
I’m using two monitors Nvidia GE Force series (latest drivers).Win 7-64 Cubase 6.0.3. 64
Cut ,paste and copy has become impossible cause the slowness gui but doing some of the operation via key command (duplicate) seems to work fine,while grab and move/copy audio parts is almost impossible.

Well, my project window is on one display only.
As it seems the problem is not in viewing the long MIDI Part, but just being in existence.
Similar to the Mac issue, with Cubase having to redraw ‘endless’ gridlines ( even though they’re not in view )

Will disable my other displays and check what happens.

jconstantine :
yep, there are other issues causing sluggishness ( like using the scissors tool )
You may try the common workaround and disable the Grid Overlay.
( move the Grid Overlay Transparency slider all to the left )

Another easy test for the MIDI part issue is, to move a plugin GUI over a long MIDI part.
You’ll see serious redraw problems.



can Steinberg repro ?

I did the repro but did not have the problem “Jerky redraw”. I had a slight judder with the cursor automatically scrolling from left to right when zoomed in close but I would not call that jerky redraw.
Could you describe the problem “jerky redraw” a little bit more? How does this problem “jerky redraw” affect your work? Maybe you would like to consider posting a video of the problem.

In the 6.0.4 pre announcement it states:
1) When using the new-in-6.0.3 “Gridlines in front of parts/events” function, the performance of the User Interface may diminish.

Maybe this will be related to what you experience.


Thanks for testing, JHP.

As some issues seem to be fixed with 6.0.4, we may wait 'till it’s released.

Anyway … I refined the repro, and added a track archive download, so You can check on 6.0.4 :

Make sure, You follow the repro steps ( additions in blue ) :
Zoom in, to view about 8 bars at 120bpm.
The MIDI Part should be 200 bars long.
It should be filled with 8th notes.
You can download my current MIDI click tracks, here : http://www.sendspace.com/file/1c859x
Stationary Cursor must be on and the arrangement should move over the screen.
You may need a few audio tracks, with audio events, to see the jerking redraw.
( Make sure the long MIDI part stays in view. )
Or You may just move a plugin GUI across the MIDI Part.

Regarding my workflow :
It affects my workflow, in that I can not work with long MIDI parts ( partly ) in view.
The Gui gets unresponsive and Plugin GUIs do not redraw when moved above such MIDI parts.
When the mouse is set to Scissors, both issues sum up to complete GUI stalls.
I need those long MIDI parts, as the onboard click was severely broken and lacks needed features.
( Looks like after 6.0.4 it only misses one important feature ( audio export with click ))

Thanks again, Jan

jconstantine :
yep, there are other issues causing sluggishness ( like using the scissors tool )
You may try the common workaround and disable the Grid Overlay.
( move the Grid Overlay Transparency slider all to the left )

I tried that and it´s the same.The only thing that improves a little the sluggishness was in my case to glued all the small audio parts into a single long events.
Nevertheless the problem remains.

Let’s wait for the 6.0.4 as stated.

Looks like, this is better in 6.0.4


I wanted to bump this, as this was a thread I found regarding the sluggish GUI, I am running 2x monitors off a Nvidia 250GTS 512mb card. I am having a problem with stuttery drawing of some automation, not all, and also it does stutter occasionally on playback (Graphics not audio)

Is there a known issue with lower end cards and multiple displays ? Oddly enough I am having issues with a VST3 plug-in called COMPassion, which could be linked to GFX memory. You think it would be worth investing in a new GFX Card ? This is pretty dated and I am using 2 monitors, plus I have the .pdf for cubase open all the time too.

Problem is, there is no way of checking GPU/GFX RAM usage (That I know of)

Maybe as I am on an AMD Board, I should be looking to get an ATI card instead of Nvidia. Any ideas here ppl ? Thanks.