C 6.5 stops working on exit

This problem has just started happening to me within the last week, and I can’t help feeling that it’s got something to do with the latest Microsoft Update that happened recently, because up till that point, everything was fine.

This is not to be confused with Cubase hanging on exit which has been happening since I installed the thing, and of which there are other posts about that issue elsewhere on this forum. I never get an error message with this problem - it just hangs and then it’s a case of ALT-CTRL-DEL to bring up the task manager to quit the program.

If I have a project open - it doesn’t matter if it’s an existing one or an new one with nothing recorded yet - and I try and quit the program, an error box pops up immediately to tell me that ‘Cubase 6 has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…’ to which it never ever finds one and then promptly crashes. This error corresponded with an error when loading East West’s Platinum Plus Symphony Orchestra. Part of the brass section wouldn’t load giving me an error that the licence hadn’t been authorised yet. All this has happened out of the blue after (relatively) months of trouble-free operation (years, in the case of East West’s libraries). However, the issue with EW seems to have sorted itself out now (I did nothing), so I really don’t know what gremlins are afoot within.

Anyone else getting this?