C 6.5 to C10 any issues with sessions?


I am using 6.5 and have a ton of songs in this version and I have C10 also. I am wondering how loading some 6.5 sessions into 10, that have automation, variaudio and basic setup will translate. Are there any big know issues doing this? I have done some searches but don’t see much on this.

I just to make sure the mixes are in 6.5 will be the same with no weird issues in c10.


It should be fine with the exception that some plug-ins might exist in 6.5 but are not in 10 (and of course any 32-bit plugs won’t work). The most common way to resolve this is by rendering to audio in 6.5 and then using that audio in 10. Make sure after you open an older Project in 10 to immediately save it under a new name. That way you will still have the original 6.5 Projects if needed.

Keep 6.5 installed on your system so you can use it if problems arise. FYI your 10 Projects should also open fine in 6.5 with the same limitations.


I am using C6.5 64 bit and all 64 bit plug ins, so we should be good. I will bounce a mix with C6 and then load it and bounce it in C10 and if they both sound the same that should actually do it. Then I can move on to C10.

I upgraded from 8 to 10.
All projects were fully compatible.
Only disadvantage in cubase 10 over 8 is the audio dropping out for split second when opening windows or selecting things inside cubase. Also happens at very begging when hitting “play”