C 7.05 Can I no longer turn off VSTs in the mixer?

The new highlighted button on the upper left of each VST insert in the mixer window now only bypasses; it doesn’t actually turn the VST off. I used to be able to alt click this button to actually turn off VSTs to save CPU, but now the alt click does nothing, and it seems we can only bypass VSTs from here’; thereby leaving the drag on CPU.

I have to open every insert effect window to actually turn them off?

Use the search function, and / or the appropriate subforum…

The atl + click method does still work, however the “hot spot” isn’t centered correctly it seems. You have to click a bit to the right of the power button. There’s a whole topic on this this subject in this forum somewhere.

From experimentation I have found the spot to be 1 pixel to the right of the second letter and down a bit from centre.

Really needs to be a fix for this

Thanks…I did indeed find the hotspot, but it is way off from where you would expect. I would agree that it seems to be just off to the right of the second letter in the VST name.