c.7.5 and HS2 how do you multiple ?

Hi I would like to load a midi and have a preset page on the Hali on Sonic 2 all set up with my designed drums bass ect. But whenever I load a midi up on Cuba Se 7.5, first it will go to halionsonic Se and will make a separate page for each instrument. And even when I select HS2 from the track it will still bring it up on separate page. So as an example if I have 5 tracks each will be on a separate HS2 page but I want to make a preset so all instruments can be on single HS2 page.can anyone help please. Thank you. Ravibass

First read the included HALion_Sonic_SE.pdf in order to understand the software. This seems more like a failure to conform to your preconceived idea of how the program should behave.

Thank fully the people at Yamaha are not as rude as you! In the preferace page under Midi is a pull down menu where you can have 3 default settings.For some strange reason Halion Sonic 2 can’t be loaded so you have to select all midi inputs. That works! after that load the midi and hit f11 and then choose HS2. I hope this helps anyone with same issue.