C 7.5 Score Editor: Music XML import still broken.

When I import MusicXML files with multiple staves, the lower staves aren’t synchronised with the top one. This problem was reproduced by tech support. It still isn’t fixed.

Can you post a step by step repro please?

Hi Steve

The forum isn’t letting me upload, so this is the best I can do. The file is attached to the post below.

If the file is opened in Finale, the top and bottom staff content is identical for several bars. In Cubase, there are rests inserted in the lower one, with all subsequent music shoved back. It’s the same in larger scores, with the bottom staves misaligned with the top one.

Many thanks


Oh yeah, we already did this for 7.0.6. :laughing: Same error in 7.5 with this file.

But- I’m not sure Cubase’s import function is necessarily to blame here.

Cubase for some reason garbles the first measure. In fact, neither staff imports correctly, as I said previously.

I then imported other files downloaded from MusicXML Sites: A List of Sites with Sheet Music in MusicXML Format and the import worked well. ( http://downloads2.makemusic.com/musicxml/ActorPreludeSample.xml and the file attached to this post)

Cubase is on a lower version of MusicXML than Finale (whose manufacturer maintains/owns MusicXML) incidentally. I wonder if this has something to do with it.
Slovakian Lullaby.xml.zip (10.5 KB)

Thank you for going to all that trouble :slight_smile:

I tried importing files from the Music XML site before and many of them worked. I think pickup bars cause problems, but I have aslo found others that don’t import correctly.

I’ll go through them and see if there’s a pattern.

Tech support did acknowledge that there was a problem, and said the developers were aware of it, but that was in September.

I agree with your assessment. If you can find a pattern that would be good; If a specific repro is found the report might get some traction, as it stands there’s not much for them to go on. Also it might be external code of some kind and SB might have to incorporate a newer version of it, which means working with MakeMusic Inc, and possible licensing. I don’t know.

This feels like something that might get better addressed after the Score app is finished.