C 7.5 won't respond to CCs 70-79? Is this a bug?

These CCs (referred to as Sound Controller CCs in the MIDI Implementation Chart,) are seen and responded to perfectly well in C 6, and HALion 5/Standalone. But, when I go into C 7.5, you can see from the MIDI In Activity indicator on the transport, that the actual program knows that something’s coming in that is MIDI, but if you put an instance of MIDI Monitor into an insert slot, the monitor will not move. Change the Controller to a different CC, outside of the range in question and the monitor springs into action. Also, the CCs in question are not reaching HALion at all (as indicated by the complete lack of action, and the lack of any activity on the MIDI Activity light, to the upper left of the plug in. HALion responds fine to keyboard note on/off messages, and other CCs, just not-as far as I’ve discovered thus far-CCs 70-79.

So can anyone help me out here? Am I doing anything wrong? I can open up a completely empty project, and bring in one instance of HALion, and it’ll be the exact story I’ve just related.

Figured it out: VST Track Quick Controls was occupying those CCs, so I just took those QCs offline.