C 7 most important does it support multiple sound cards ?

C 7 most important for me … does it support multiple sound cards ? simultaneously ?? helps me , how ?? the latency on Internal Pci / X whatever delivers least latency while recording , play back can be b any thing … even usb 2.0 …
would like 2 hear all ur views … cakewalk has it a long time back … so i read … not comparing , i like Cubase … sm

internal things are multiples of many varous entities… help is for ??? without have u time and thingz for cards.

i like pie

Only if the ASIO driver for that soundcard supports it.
And what JMCecil said, you don’t write very coherent :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you want it to? Sound cards with multiple in/outs are cheaply available, everything synchs up perfectly…

On a Mac you can have an “aggregate device”, but keeping everything synched isn’t always trivial.

I don’t understand the rest of your question. Can you try again in clear English? :slight_smile:

FWIW, latency is not a problem for USB - just look at the whole bunch of USB interfaces out there - unless you’re recording and monitoring 100 tracks which I don’t believe to be the case here.

Obviously PCI-E has the upper hand, but USB latency is just fine.

Only ONE ASIO driver can be used at a time. However, as long as all cards can use that driver, all will be available.

For example, I have a Fireface800 and Fireface400, which both use the same RME driver, so all their connections show up in Cubase.

Stream-of-consciousness grammar-less punctuation-less writing and text shorthand may work for you, but they probably won’t get your questions answered very well. Respect your readers. It is your responsibility to make yourself understood as easily and unambiguously as possible by your readers, especially if you want help from them.

My Fireface800 is in the studio and the Fireface400 is bolted to my mixing desk outside. This works well, because the only connection to the studio card is a single Firewire connection, and not a bunch of audio connections.
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think u nailed the latency issue , Ill b searching a good PCI-E card thanks sm