C 8.0.10 Crossfade graphic bug/anomaly

Since 8.0,10 update I randomly encounter a strange crossfade anomaly. When I create a crosfade it show a graphical representation that there is some transient material present in the crossfade, although there is no actual transient present in the unsplit audio event or even it doesn appear when I render the crossfaded events. Also the artifact is not audible. its only graphical. See the screenshot below:
fade graphical bug.PNG
win 8.1 64bit C 8.0.10

(Just because the same thing happened to me, but several years ago, with a much earlier version of Cubase)… Is the Audio in Musical Mode, with the Tempo track changed from original? I’ve just tried here, including with the scenario I described at the beginning, and it is fine here.

Thanks Vic, The tracks are in musical mode (but the events dont have musical mode turned on in the info line) and yes there are tempo changes via the tempo track. I also cannot reproduce this constantly beacause it happens quite randomly (not always).

Its not a huge problem since its only a graphical issue but can be annoying when doing edits.


Sort of happy to read I am not alone. I am facing the exact same issue for the very first time today and it has been driving me nuts :slight_smile: I have not been able to find a solution. Even when this is only a visual problem, in order to be able to accuratley set and change the crossfade I need to be able to exactly see the wav forms within the X section.

I use Cubase 5 with tempo track changes like many times before, but I have never had this happen.

Does anybody here know the cause of the problem and is there a solution to it?